CleAR Sight

AR Interaction with Transparent Tablets

In CleAR Sight, we explored the potential of transparent interaction panels in head-mounted AR. Together with my colleagues, I built a research platform based on a custom touch-enabled transparent interaction panel. We developed a series of interaction concepts for this platform and demonstrated them in the context of three use case scenarios: the exploration of 3D volumetric data, collaborative visual data analysis, and the control of smart home appliances.

The official video gives a short overview of the project.

The software is mostly written in C# for the main Unity prototype, with a touch data provider written in C/C++ on the interaction panel.

Some impressions of the prototype, showing different AR use cases.

For more details about CleAR Sight, please take a look at the main project website or check out the git repository!

If you would like to cite CleAR Sight in your research, please cite our ISMAR ‘22 paper.



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